Natural friction additive from olive stones

Our core competence

Production with state-of-the-art mills and screening machines (very high accuracy in the micrometer range). Direct access to high-quality raw materials due to long-term contracts and personal relationships with farmers and agricultural cooperatives.

Our standards


For our olive kernel flour we use high-quality olive kernels, which are carefully ground by us. As this is a cellulose pulp, the friction additive decomposes naturally and without leaving any residues. 

The friction additive

The flour from olive stones is, due to the biodegradable friction additive, a real alternative to the otherwise used micro plastic. This is one of the reasons why the application possibilities are so versatile. Whether in cosmetic products or as a cleaning agent, the friction additive is versatile.      

Versatile in use

The surface of the ground olive stones is homogeneous. The friction effect is mechanical, so that a very pleasant skin feeling is created. Therefore, products to which our friction additive has been added are also very suitable for sensitive skin. Especially in professions which require frequent hand washing, the use of soaps with this additive has proved to be very successful, as the natural acid mantle is not attacked as it can be the case when using conventional products. With natural cosmetics based on olive kernel flour you can secure a real competitive advantage. More and more customers attach importance to products that are environmentally friendly and free of micro-plastics. In the manufacture of cosmetic products, our friction additive made from olive stones can be used, for example, in peelings or soaps. Due to the natural rubbing additive, the products clean perfectly, but remain gentle to sensitive skin. Microplastics are also used in the detergent industry, where our friction additive would also be suitable as raw material. In this way you can offer your customers an environmentally friendly alternative to microplastic and a truly sustainable product.

Our vision of sustainability

We are part of a sustainable supply chain that converts organic material from the fruit industry into fully biodegradable ingredients. These can be reused in other industries.

Not all plant ingredients are automatically sustainable. Renewable energy often comes from sources such as industrial agriculture, using agrochemicals and monocultures. Certain crops such as corn, rice and oats, which are used as staple foods, have been used as raw materials for non-food biomass products. In the context of a growing world population and a misallocation of food/feed, we know that there are more innovative solutions. 

Manufacturing process

Available sizes

We supply our raw material in various grain sizes. You can order grain sizes from 50µ up to 1.000µ directly from stock. It is also possible for us to produce grain sizes according to customer requirements. Ask for your individual, free sample.

Olive stone flour grain size 200µ

CO2 balance

The products are grown exclusively in Europe. Transport routes are thus kept short and HuettHerbal also focuses on sustainability in processing.

Ecologically sustainable

All our raw materials are natural products that are cultivated sustainably. Neither herbicides nor biocides are used during the cultivation phase

Natural raw material

Our olive kernel flour is a raw material that comes from the production of high quality olive oil. This type of food production is exclusively natural, a further advantage for the environment and also for your company.

Just like olive oil, our olive kernel flour contains a certain amount of antioxidants, which can have an anti-inflammatory effect. Therefore, olive kernel flour is very well suited as an addition to cosmetics and cleansing products, which can also be used for sensitive skin.

Order samples

We will be happy to advise you on the basis of your individual purpose of use and provide you with your individual sample free of charge. In addition, you can order the packaging of your choice, for example big bags or paper bags. Thanks to cooperation agreements with leading logistics service providers, we can produce all year round and export worldwide. We can therefore take care of door-to-door transport, including customs clearance. Besides the products shown on this page, we can also supply other (ground and unground) raw materials on request. Please do not hesitate to contact us!